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Effective June 7, 2016, ASHRAE has temporarily suspended enrolling new learners and purchases of eLearning courses as it undergoes an eLearning platform change. ASHRAE advises you to complete all eLearning courses you are enrolled in by August 30, 2016, as some eLearning courses will be discontinued.
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Building Information Modeling

Shows BIM's potential to improve the flow of data during planning, construction and operations, as well as improve a building's lifetime sustainability. 2.0 PDHs. (Dual)
Building Information Modeling Dual Units
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Provides an improved flow of data among designers, clients, manufacturers, and building operators and promises to improve live cycle sustainability in the construction, use and disposal of buildings.

This course consists of two lessons:

  1. Exploring BIM, which details what BIM is and why it has the potential to change the way a building is processed.
  2. Moving Forward with BIM, which suggests some of the operations that may be needed to examine current work practices and gear up for implementing BIM.

Course Objectives

At the successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe what is meant by the term ‘BIM’
  • Identify the components contributing to a successful Building Information Model
  • Describe the functions needed for positive sharing and working with BIM across companies and disciplines
  • Explain what potential BIM has for the construction process
  • Identify the project stakeholders who interact with BIM
  • Outline what processes may be undertaken to switch to using BIM in a business

2.0 PDHs; Dual Units

Training Type Individual Course
Training Level Professional Level
Subject Design
PDHs 2.0
Commissioning, 2 dimensional model, 3- dimensional model, 4-dimensional model
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