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AC and Refrigeration Principles

Explains the concepts of refrigeration, thermodynamics, refrigerants, and refrigeration cycles. 9 PDHs.
AC and Refrigeration Principles I-P (Inch-Pound) Units
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Explains the concepts of refrigeration, thermodynamics, refrigerants, single and multi–refrigeration cycles.

After completing this course, you will understand the:

• Concept of refrigeration and the most commonly used refrigeration systems.
• Concepts of thermodynamic states, properties, and laws, efficiency (coefficient of performance) and defines the maximum coefficient of performance for a heat pump and refrigeration cycles.
Components and the use of psychrometric charts.
• Differences between single and multi-stage refrigeration cycles.
• Overall system performance parameter.
• Concept of refrigerant and its economic viability.
• Changes in the list of available refrigerants.

The course is made of up 6 independent courses which may be taken separately for PDHs:

• Heat Transfer and the Basic Refrigeration Cycle.
• Thermodynamic States, Properties, and Laws.
• Psychrometrics.
• Multi-Stage And Cascade Refrigeration Cycles.
• Refrigeration System Parameters and Performance.
• Refrigerants.

9.0 PDHs

Training Type Course Package
Training Level Essentials Level II
PDHs 9.0
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