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Effective June 7, 2016, ASHRAE has temporarily suspended enrolling new learners and purchases of eLearning courses as it undergoes an eLearning platform change. ASHRAE advises you to complete all eLearning courses you are enrolled in by August 30, 2016, as some eLearning courses will be discontinued.
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AC and Refrigeration Principles

Explains the concepts of refrigeration, thermodynamics, refrigerants, and refrigeration cycles. 9 PDHs.
AC and Refrigeration Principles I-P (Inch-Pound) Units
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Explains the concepts of refrigeration, thermodynamics, refrigerants, single and multi–refrigeration cycles.

After completing this course, you will understand the:

• Concept of refrigeration and the most commonly used refrigeration systems.
• Concepts of thermodynamic states, properties, and laws, efficiency (coefficient of performance) and defines the maximum coefficient of performance for a heat pump and refrigeration cycles.
Components and the use of psychrometric charts.
• Differences between single and multi-stage refrigeration cycles.
• Overall system performance parameter.
• Concept of refrigerant and its economic viability.
• Changes in the list of available refrigerants.

The course is made of up 6 independent courses which may be taken separately for PDHs:

• Heat Transfer and the Basic Refrigeration Cycle.
• Thermodynamic States, Properties, and Laws.
• Psychrometrics.
• Multi-Stage And Cascade Refrigeration Cycles.
• Refrigeration System Parameters and Performance.
• Refrigerants.

9.0 PDHs

Training Type Course Package
Training Level Essentials Level II
PDHs 9.0
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